d6 group initiated an incentive strategy that will benefit schools and ultimately contribute to creating #effectiveschools. d6 rewards offers an easy way to fundraise for your school.

In partnership with d6 media

Reward 1


This incentive will distribute a share of the revenue generated from advertising sales to schools based on how effective the parents use the School Communicator.

In partnership with WeBenefit

Reward 2


Schools can reduce operational costs by as much as 15% and generate additional income! WeBenefit is a digital procurement platform offering schools high quality supplies and services at a discounted rate online.

Schools can buy products more cost-effectively, from stationery, solar panels, computers to printers, to mention just a few.

More Rewards with Every Engagement.


The more parents engage on your d6 School Communicator, the more revenue your school will receive.

This fundraising program was launched in partnership with d6 media to assist schools to focus on economising without compromising educational standards. The #effectivecommunication reward will enable schools to share in the advertising revenue generated on the d6 School Communicator based on parent engagement with business advertisements on their d6 School Communicator.

How it Works


Every time parents engage and businesses advertise on the d6 School Communicator, the application’s engagement percentage increases. The higher the percentage, the more revenue will be credited towards your d6 account and thus decreasing the school’s monthly hosting fee.

Monthly e-newsletters will be sent to the various qualifying schools with the amount credited against the d6 account.

4 Easy Steps to Reap the Rewards

  • Share updated news with learners and parents
  • Publish homework to learners and parents
  • Upload photos/ videos of all school events on channels
  • Add scheduled events on your calendar
  • Share resources including documents and URLs
  • The revenue shared with the school depends on how well parents engage on the d6 School Communicator application
  • Schools can encourage usage by keeping the application up to date with frequent updates and by encouraging businesses to advertise on the d6 School Communicator to increase visibility and engagement
  • Schools will be given credit per month against their d6 School Communicator account
  • Banners are a good way to engage parents
  • Get more businesses to advertise on your d6 School Communicator
  • To help save time and money, d6 media has designed a flyer that schools can distribute to businesses in their community to encourage banner advertisements on the d6 School Communicator
  • Still not sure? Create a list of possible businesses to advertise on your d6 School Communicator and send it to [email protected] and they will do the rest at no added costs

1,2,3 Start reaping the rewards!

  • No Registration
  • No Cost

Receive credit per month towards your d6 account

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