Why was d6 Rewards established?

d6 Rewards affords any school that uses d6 software the opportunity to generate revenue
through the effective use of our software.

Promote effective school management

We believe that if a school makes use of our fully integrated software effectively, the overall operations and functionality of the school will be more effective.

Improved communication with school parents

Any school is dependent on their parents being informed and we incentivise organisations to connect and communicate effectively with their parents through d6 Connect and d6 School Communicator.

Generate a sustainable funding platform for our software

We need to enable the school to fund the cost of the software through the generation of d6 Rewards. Thus the more of our products a school uses and the better they use it, the more potential rewards a school can generate.

Effective advertising for businesses in the community

We provide businesses with a focused digital advertising platform where they can promote their products to the parents of the schools while contributing towards the schools through d6 Rewards.

Want to learn more?

Click here to download the d6 Rewards Booklet