Are you juggling lifts to school, sport and extra-mural activities and struggling to get to everything? Then our new ride share service is your solution.  Parents that are unable to fetch and/or drop off their children can connect with parents that are already making the trip, in the same community.


View all available rides for a specific day and decide who your child will be traveling with. You can pre-book trips and share the details with your child.

If you are driving, you can create a trip and help other parents in your community.


You can track the trip on a map at any time and will receive notifications alerting you when your child has been picked up and dropped off.

Community Solution

All drivers are also part of the school community. They are parents you greet when dropping off your child at school or standing next to you at a game cheering on the team that both your kids play in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access to ride-sharing service in d6 Connect:

d6 Connect is an app that connects you to your school and other d6 communities, where you can receive real-time information from your school or community, and information about specific learners.

Your school needs to make use of the d6 Connect management system which enables them to connect you as a user. This is also how you will be verified in order to make use of the ride-sharing service.

Yes, you also need to be part of a school community in d6 Connect.  Your information is verified by your school in order to be able to use the ride-sharing service.

If you are not part of the school community, you need to enquire from your school.

This means that your contact number is not listed in your schools contact database.  Please request from your school to add you as a contact on their d6 Connect management portal.

Please ask your school about this service.  You can also complete the google form (link here) and one of our sales consultants will be in touch with your school.

Your information needs to be verified by the school which means that you need to be on the school’s database.  If your school uses d6, but you cannot see rides, then please enquire from your school to add you to their contacts on the d6 system.

How the app works:

In the d6 Connect App, go to “More” (three bullets at the bottom right-hand corner in the app) Find RIDES there and go to “Book a trip”. Make sure you have loaded all your children (Zipalongs) along with your details. You will be able to see the drivers with their trips in your community for a specific day, or if you clear the date tab – you will be able to see all trips offered.

That means that there are no parents in your community that are offering a trip. You can decide to create a trip and offer this to other parents in your community.

In d6 Connect, go to “More” (3 bullets at the bottom right-hand corner in the app). Find RIDES and go to “create a trip”.

Make sure you have loaded a roadworthy vehicle, that you have Third-party liability insurance to the value of R 2 500 000, and you have a valid drivers licence. 

You will need to be part of the d6 Connect school community, and send the following documents to [email protected]

  • Valid PrDP (Professional Driving Permit)
  • Roadworthy vehicle
  • Third-party liability insurance to the minimum value of R2 500 000
  • Banking details

If your child is a rider you will need to load your credit or debit card details onto the app. You will see what the trip costs before you accept, only once a trip is completed will your money be deducted.

As a driver, you will see what the amount is that you will receive for the trip before accepting the Zipalong (child making the trip with you). The money will be paid into your account by the 7th of the following month in which you have completed the trips.

Unfortunately this means that the driver has not given permissions to get the live location from their phone to enable Zipalong to track the trip.

If you are the driver you need to make sure that you give Zipalong permission to share your location.  Go to Settings > Notifications > d6 Connect, make sure Zipalong, Zipalong Trip, Zipalong Trip Tracking and Zoho SalesIQ are all set to “allowed”.

Once a parent registers themselves as a driver they confirm that they will be making the trips with a roadworthy vehicle, valid drivers licence and Third-party insurance.

You can share the trip with your child (if they have a phone) that shows a picture of the driver as well as the vehicle.  As for pick-up / drop-off points, arrangements would have to be made in advance.

The money only leaves your account after a trip is finalised, if the driver never picked up your Zipalong, then it will show that the trip is not completed and therefore no money will be deducted.  If for some or other strange reason this might happen, please reach out via help in the app and we will be able to assist.

There is an option to add notes to your Zipalong’s profile once a trip is accepted. This will be seen by the driver.  The driver’s cell phone number also becomes available once a booking is accepted.

This is something that needs to be discussed with the driver. The driver’s cell phone number also becomes available once a booking is accepted.

The driver will have to notify the parent that has the d6 Connect app on their phone.

Since the driver is most likely also a parent, with their own child in the car, it will most likely be a safer trip than any uninvolved person making the trip, if however there is reckless driving, this can be reported to Zipalong to be dealt with and held on record which might lead to future repercussions.

Internal Communication with schools:

The school will act as a driver on the app, load the trips and manage all the bookings on this platform

A school only acts as the marketer / ambassador in this regard. They can not be held accountable for any liability, the agreement is between parents and not between school and parent.  The service will be offered as a solution / platform a parent can use, but the school will be completely removed from the transactions and therefore not in any way liable.  The money also does not flow through the school, they only get rewarded for using the system.

The split of fare payment is as follows:

65% goes to the  driver
10% goes to the insurance
20% goes to zipalong
5% goes to the school

The drivers part of the money will be split between the school and Zipalong.

The abovementioned money will then be used to help the community.

The insurance cover is for over and above the R2 500 000 Third-party insurance that a driver has to have.

Copy that the school can use to reply:

It has come to our attention that there is a concern about the new ridesharing app powered by Zipalong, as communicated to the parents of (SCHOOL NAME HERE).

Before going to schools with the app, Zipalong ensured that they are not in any way acting illegally or facilitating unlawful transportation services. They had in-depth discussions about all the aspects around Zipalong with their legal team and assured us that they are operating in the interest of parents and children.

Zipalong is a platform available to parents where they can facilitate lifts amongst each other, they may do so without any form of remuneration and therefore do not need a PrDP or operating license.  The app does however also make provision for holders of a valid operating licence / PrDP to offer ride services for reward as there may be operators/parents within the community who do maintain an operating licence / PrDP.  They will not be able to receive funds if they do not comply with all applicable documentation such as PrDP, insurance etc.

Zipalong also holds professional indemnity insurance.

Zipalong is a community based service, conceived by a parent and for parents.  We wish to help and give back where we can and solve the transportation problem many busy parents are experiencing.