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Are you passionate about what you do? Do you feel like the d6 Tribe is calling you? Apply for one of the positions below:

We aim to increase visibility and attract leads for d6 product lines to create new business opportunities and foster growth. We are seeking marketing enthusiasts to join our team and help elevate our brand, connect with our target audience, and refine our strategies

Are you ready to be the creative force behind a School Administration Management System (SAMS) that will effect thousands of schools? If you’re a visionary with
a knack for problem-solving and a love for collaboration, then this is the opportunity for you.

This is an exciting role that focuses on building strong relationships with schools and generating new leads while also increasing revenue from existing ones. Our team works hard to sell our Software as a Service (SaaS), including d6+ and the Communicator, to schools. In addition to this, we also conduct market research to understand the competition and ensure that d6 is the perfect fit for our customers.

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