Your Journey to Fluent Phonics and Spelling Success

EdShed Phonics and Spelling is an innovative programme designed to accelerate students’ reading, writing and English language proficiency while also minimising teacher workload.

EdShed Phonics and Spelling is a solution to building key English language skills. 
Created by teachers for teachers, EdShed Phonics and Spelling is a fully planned and resourced CAPS-aligned programme. 

It is built on research-based, proven approaches. We were founded in 2017 by Martin Saunders and Rob Smith after a conversation about how spelling was taught in schools. We launched Spelling Shed as a relatively simple app shortly after and it’s escalated ever since. Now, we serve over two million learners in schools and households across 180 countries for a range of products. As educators ourselves, it is a huge privilege to be able to affect so many children and educators in a positive way and to deliver the most impact with the least hassle.

We are dedicated to revolutionising education through engaging and interactive learning platforms. We understand the significance of nurturing a love for learning in every child and we’ve made it our mission to provide educators, parents and students with the tools they need to excel.

EdShed Phonics and Spelling:

In the Foundation Phase, synthetic, systematic phonics teaches early reading and
writing. Building on these firm foundations, the Intermediate Phase is based on Science
of Reading research and uses proven approaches to teach spelling, such as exploring
spelling patterns, looking at morphology and etymology, as well as activities that support
orthographic mapping. By equipping students with a comprehensive toolkit of
word-understanding strategies, we empower them to improve their spelling, reading and
writing skills.

Foundation Phase

Each lesson includes a full lesson plan and printable resources, a teaching book, decodable books, songs relating to the GPC character, games for each GPC, physical resources including flashcards, word cards and posters.

Intermediate Phase

Each lesson includes a clear lesson plan, lesson presentation, printable worksheets, word lists focusing on spelling patterns, digital games to support spelling practice and vocabulary acquisition.

Revolutionising education through engaging and interactive learning

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