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Simplifying life, one community at a time.

As an innovative technology-driven company, d6 group influences audiences in different sectors to ensure effective management and communication.

Within the d6 group, three brands have been established in the group of companies, namely d6 education,
d6 communities and d6 media. These brands each have their own distinct attributes but remain focused on being at the forefront of technology-driven innovation.

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Simplify how we operate

We enable community organisations (schools, churches, clubs and residential estates) to operate more effectively.

Simplify how we connect

We provide the members of these organisations (parents and other members) to stay informed with what’s happening in their linked organisations.

Simplify how we advertise

We enable business in the community with a sound digital advertising platform while supporting the community organisation.

Simplify how we transact

We enable cashless communities through frictionless facilitation of transfer of value between the members and their community organisation.