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Managing an organisation comes with unique challenges. Simplifying processes, enhancing communication and creating meaningful connections between schools, teachers and parents can help to overcome these challenges.

Our innovative school software solution offers two key services: a comprehensive school management system and a communication platform and App. We are proud to be trusted by over 2500 schools worldwide.

Our mission is to help educational institutions create an environment where everyone can thrive. Let us help you take the first step towards a more streamlined and effectively managed school.

d6 School Management Solution - School Benefits

Why partner with d6?

  • Build meaningful connections with parents
  • Simplify communication and school management
  • Improve reach and tracking of communication
  • Access information anytime from anywhere
  • Manage day-to-day school activities effectively
  • Streamline workload for departmental requirements
  • Optimise financial management functions in schools
  • Save money for your school

Revolutionise your management functions and advance your school with our innovative solutions.

Some proud d6-family schools

Our Solutions Explained


Simplify and optimise school communication management in your school

d6’s School Communication solutions will help you:

  • Save time on sending communication
  • Improve the reach of your school communication
  • Send the right message to the right people
  • Track and measure communication engagement
  • Eliminate misunderstandings, missed opportunities and conflict
  • Access information anytime from anywhere
  • Save on printing costs

Simplify the complexities of day-to-day school activities and admin tasks

d6’s School Administration Management solutions will help you:

    • Upload student and parent information quick and easy
    • Implement the code of conduct easily
    • Monitor discipline within the school at one central point
    • Track quality of school data successfully
    • Identify and report on data issues

Simplify and optimise the financial management within your school

d6’s School Finance Management solutions will help you:

  • Manage school finances efficiently and accurately
  • Eliminate duplication of work and processes with full d6 integration
  • Manage the stages of the debtor management journey effectively and proactively
  • Go cashless, and simplify receipting, reporting and administration of payments

Simplify the process of learner performance in an accurate and compliant way

d6’s School Curriculum Management solutions will help you:

  • Keep up to date with the regulatory requirements
  • Capture accurate data when inputting report marks and calculations
  • Generate statistics, schedules and certificates easily
  • Comply with SA-SAMS, CAPS, Cambridge, IEB, SNE, and Cemis systems

Your Passion for Education, Our Integrated Tech Solution

d6 is an industry-leading software company that empowers schools and connects people through integrated tech solutions and support that optimise management and communication processes.

In order to ensure that we help schools reach their full potential we have introduced d6 Edulink. This is a mutually beneficial collaboration between d6 and software providers that aims to benefit schools. If you are a company interested in partnering with d6 to empower schools, click on the button below:

d6 Integrated School Tech Solution

Revolutionise your management functions and advance your school with our innovative solutions.

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