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Learning to work on a new programme is easy with us by your side.  

When your school partners with d6, you can be sure you have all the expertise, support and guidance you need. 

d6 support and training

Full Training and Ongoing Support

As a d6 user, you have hands-on technical support and expert guidance to help you master the system in no time – so your school can enjoy immediate access to all the benefits the platform has to offer. 

How we support you and your school:

Support and training 

Our team of dedicated consultants offer comprehensive training and continued support, helping you navigate any uncertainties.  

Are you a current d6 School client? View our list of training sessions and empower yourself to fully optimise the d6 product suite.


How do we support you?

Outsourced School Management

We lighten the load by doing some of the work for you quickly and accurately.


At d6 you are never alone, we offer training to help you every step of the way. View our training sessions below.

Customer Success Consultants

Your school is appointed its own dedicated d6 consultant to make sure you’re always satisfied with your products and our services.

App support

You have access to a dedicated team of experts to provide your school, teachers and parents with all the support they need.  


Easy onboarding
We help you load your data and set up your product modules to give you a strong start.  

Client support

Set your school up for success with the support of our dedicated team of experts.

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