Raising standards through creativity

2Simple have been creating simple, powerful educational software for schools since 1999 and started with the launch of the Infant Video Toolkit; a child-friendly suite of educational software to introduce young learners to simple painting, publishing, graphing and branching decision trees. Following the success of the Infant Video Toolkit, the organisation grew and in 2010 we launched Purple Mash, closely followed by the introduction of Mini Mash, Serial Mash and  Evidence Me.

Our software and resources are used by over 2 million learners in over 11,000 schools, in more than 74 countries worldwide including South Africa, United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong and Qatar. Today we continue to work hard to provide teachers, schools and educators with the innovative resources they need to inspire and educate the next generation. 

What is Python in Pieces?

Python in Pieces is an interactive coding environment, designed to build student and teacher confidence in the text-based coding language of Python. With the ability to easily translate from block-code to Python, in BOTH directions, students will quickly become empowered. The guided lessons allow students to manage their own learning and teacher solution guides enable teachers to support student learning at every step.

Bring the whole curriculum to life

Embed computing and digital skills across your whole curriculum with award-winning teaching and learning software.

From coding to email and online safety, Purple Mash includes everything you need to deliver the Computing curriculum, all in one place!

Write code inside Purple Mash to control your tablet or phone. Our new “wires-free” application, Purple Chip, allows children to create code which transforms their device into a controller for a game or trigger one of the device’s components, like the torch or microphone. The new Purple Chip app is just one way for children to explore and apply real-world programming skills.

Our Values and Commitment

To provide excellent, accessible and inspiring software to encourage children to love learning and prepare them for later life. We don’t measure success financially, rather we measure how we’re doing by how many learners, teachers and parents use our platform.

2Simple is committed to making software that raises standards, enhances the learning experience, and saves teachers time.

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