To grow your brand, you need effective advertising. You need to craft campaigns that speak directly to your target audience, campaigns that excite and activate them. Crafting banner campaigns is what we do at d6 media.

Our mission is to help our brands leverage advertising campaigns to build brand awareness and drive product demand. Whether you’re an established brand or a new market contender, our team can help you build through effective advertising.


d6 media will become the most widely known digital media company within the educational space…


…through unlocking various digital advertising assets; offering these assets as targeted communication channels within the educational space while providing measurable results

700 000+ Parents

2500+ Schools

180 000 Unique Daily Users

38th Most used digital platform among South African citizens

To date, we’ve helped dozens of clients create and deploy digital banner campaigns across the d6 School Communicator with great success.


When it comes to building a brand through advertising, there’s no question of whether you should choose to partner with d6 media. To quote one of our favorite campaigns…

“Just do it.”