The d6 Ride-Sharing Platform

Catch a lift with members of your school community

The ride-sharing platform is designed exclusively for members within the d6 Community. Here members help each other out by offering lifts to and from events.

  • Join your community’s lift club by setting up a profile on the ride-sharing platform, located on the events screen in your calendar
  • See available lifts to and from events
  • Help out by offering a lift to someone requesting a trip
  • Book a trip if there is one available for a specific event
  • Request a trip if you need a lift

 *This is a community-driven service and relies 100% on the parents of the school.


After the driver has accepted a booking, their number becomes available and you will be able to call them.

That means that there are no parents in your community that are offering a trip. You can create a trip and offer this to other parents in your community.

You will receive notifications of the journey as the driver picks up and drops off your child. 

You will also be able to see the live location of your child.

Unfortunately, this means that the driver has not permitted to get the live location from their phone to enable the ride-sharing platform to track the trip.

You can share the trip with your child (if they have a phone) that shows a picture of the driver and the vehicle. As for pick-up/drop-off points, arrangements must be made in advance.

We are relying on drivers to only cancel if it is absolutely necessary. We also ask that you notify the riders well in advance for them to be able to make alternative arrangements.

Other important information

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