School Management

Schools are faced with various administrative and reporting challenges. Continuous alterations of templates, reports, and statistics required from within the Department of Education creates confusion and uncertainty. d6 education has recently launched School Management Training to enable teachers, administrators and leadership teams to efficiently manage data within the school environment. d6 education aims to create #effectiveschools through the provision of various training workshops that aim to empower school staff.

Data Handling Workshop

Data Handling will enable schools to achieve and maintain good standards of information handling and empower staff to compile their own reports. This will allow schools to become more dynamic with data and also enable staff to effectively and timeously comply the data as requested from the various education districts.

The workshop aims to educate schools of smarter ways to save time and resources when handling data and therefore the practical workshops will focus on pivot tables, data filtering, basic formulas, basic graphs (charts) and ready to use templates.