d6 group understands that effective compliance is crucial to a school’s success. Proactive compliance saves time and fosters positive relationships between a school and the Department of Basic Education.

Compliance offers schools the opportunity to improve knowledge in terms of ever-changing requirements, while at the same time teaching how to comply and submit data consistently and more effectively by required due dates.

Our Focus

d6 group spends a significant amount of time developing education solutions that continuously improve the accuracy of securely hosted online school data by using real-time validation to export and support consistently high-quality information in the SA-SAMS database required a format for periodic submission as a data standard to various stakeholders within the Department of Basic Education.

This is not taken lightly as we understand the impact this can have on relevant subsidy, funding, grants, resource allocation, post establishment, performance measurement, learner outcomes, published results and official audits are real and require our schools to rather play by the rules.

We, therefore, work alongside our schools to support the Department’s data collection efforts as a team to follow the exact same processes, additional validation and using similar methods as stipulated to ensure our schools present and submit information in the latest recognizable SA-SAMS format as expected. On this journey, we also work to highlight prominent risks, alleviate uncertainty, manage expectations and do our best to inform – all to the benefit of our schools that use the d6+ System as their single source of input. We like to say “The more the system knows, the better the answer …”.

How to Comply

Compliance seems like a tremendous task but there are various ways to get this from “to do” to “done”. Once achieved, the trick is to improve data correctness continuously until it is consistently correct and complete for submission. The compliance team has put together a Digital Educational Resources page for our clients. The aim is to assist our clients with content creation, learning material, and the various services that are available for educators during this time from a single location.

There is no need to search through hundreds of sites on the internet.

Please consider which of these are relevant for you as an educator and give us feedback on your experience with online teaching. We have indicated where possible which services are free. It includes English and Afrikaans educational resources that we hope will add value to make a difference.

Want to get in touch with us? Send a mail to compliance@d6.co.za

Our Goals