Through our engagement with schools, the main challenges were increased risk introduced by holding cash on premises, high costs of cash handling and credit/debit card fees and administration burden in performing payment reconciliations from bank statements and manual cash payment receipts

d6+ Payments offers an easy/secure/safe and convenient way to reduce risk associated with cash on premises, save on card and cash handling fees and reduce administrative work associated with payment reconciliations

Easy > Safe > Convenient > Reliable


Cashless Cards & Wristbands

d6 Payments is not only a solution provided to schools to eliminate the risk of cash on campus and the overall safety of every learner and teacher, but also to simplify and assist the parents with the management of on-campus spend by the learners.

Payments can now be made by simply tapping the Cashless Card or Wristband at the Tuck Shop

Learners no longer have to carry cash around in their pocket. Parents can simply top-up the learner’s card or wristband from their wallet on the d6 Connect application, anywhere, anytime

Management of Cashless Cards & Wristbands

Using spend limits and dietry notes, parents have full control over the learner’s spend and dietary requirements from their d6 Connect application

Universal use of Wristbands at any d6 Payments School.

The Cashless cards/ wristbands can be used at any participating school who makes use of Payments on d6 Connect

Questions Answered

Which payments will be processed using Payments system?

Parents can potentially pay for school books, field trips, uniforms, camps, fundraising and school fees

When will the money come through, and to where will it be allocated?

Weekly payments are made to the school’s current account for all transactions that took place in the previous week *Weekly pay-out is limited to a minimum payment of R1,000

What are the Costs?

2.5% transaction fee OR Unlimited Payments at a fixed monthly rate

Will d6 Payments integrate with the school’s existing systems?

If your School utilises the d6+ Finance module, all transactions will automatically be integrated. Should your school have other systems in place, a manual system will be followed

What kind of support and services does d6 Payments offer?

Extensive training will be done with the schools, and there are telephone, email and on-site support available

Are payments secure?

Payments are fully secured using the latest technologies, security protocols and industry best practices


Normal Option

– 2.5% transaction fee –
NO Monthly cost

Unlimited Option

– NO transaction fees –
Monthly cost apply

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