Education in the 21st Century
On 22 August 2017, d6 education had the opportunity to network with school Principals, IT Leads, School Governing Body members and teachers at the Ed21 Showcase at Vastratech. The event was a great success and gave the d6 education Managing Director, Willem Kitshoff, the opportunity to share the company’s vision as well as more information of the d6 education product offerings. The products include the d6 School Communicator with enhanced features as well as our Principal+ software system which includes modules such as Finance+, Curriculum+, Administration+ and Communiction+.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the schools for visiting us at this event and hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and the hospitality offered.

More about Ed21…
Ed21 consists of a group of like-minded people from companies with the same goal that represent a wider eco-system of educational solutions for the 21st century school or other educational areas. Ed21 aims to improve the quality of education by introducing education solutions in the 21st century campus and class for the 21st school administrator, teacher and learner.