Captain of Commerce

Keith Smith

Head of Sales

I got my start in sales when I was 6 years old; working at my father’s company and getting paid just enough to afford some sweet treats for my weekends. Even back then I realised that I loved working with people and I relished the thrill of making supply and demand meet.

I realised that every product has a story to tell. Stories that will not only delight, surprise, fascinate and change lives, but will also deliver on measurable business goals. I saw myself as the conduit between products and people.

Today, I still sell, although these days I tend to spend my rewards on healthier options and I now work with sales teams and sales leaders. I get as excited today as I did back then when seeing both my customers and business prosper.

I’m a Sales Leader with over 20 years of experience in direct sales, sales management, advertising, social media, promotions, events, and campaigns. I have worked on integrated campaigns for major clients and have been recognised with several awards during my career.

Currently, I am the Head of Sales at d6 education, a wonderful effective company that believes in giving tools to School staff to assist them with their Administration, Curriculum, Finance and Communications. My passion is creating new, more powerful and more profitable ways to steer my sales team towards their customers and then turning the insights that emerge into business ideas that generate revenue.

On a personal note, I am happily married to a wonderful wife and best friend. We love the outdoors, healthy living and going on excursions all over South Africa. We enjoy life to the fullest.

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Captain’s Crew

Carien Venter

East Rand Account Manager

Carien is married and a mother of many. She exchanged 12-years in the education industry for a mobile office. She has a passion for educating people and is very ingenious with a computer and technological device. Carien’s perfect day is a day filled with filter coffee, biltong, books and blockbusters.

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Clair Nothard

KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Account Manager

Clair and her husband are parents to three beautiful children. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. She treasures the relationships that she has fostered over the years with her schools and is always looking for new innovative ways to improve their communication management.

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Elzette Lotz

Limpopo Account Manager

Elzette is a dedicated and goal-driven individual, who has a passion for making a difference in the education industry. She enjoys spending time with her family, crafting with different types of material and absolutely loves reading.

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Hilmarie Stephenson

Cape Town Account Manager

Hilmarie tolerates her two fur kids, but adores her husband. Together they enjoy living life to the fullest; whether it is traveling, wining & dining, diving, reading, walking on the beach or spending time with family and friends. Hilmarie, a woman of God, supports important causes in her community and is passionate about making schools more effective.

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Inge De Bruyn

Nelspruit Account Manager

Inge is an extrovert who loves meeting new people, sharing knowledge and learning from others. She is a mother of two children, adventurous at heart and enjoys outdoor activities and crossfit.

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Jaco Prinsloo

Pretoria Account Manager

Since 1 January 2015, Jaco has been passionate about helping schools to utilize systems that meet the needs of the school as well as to ensure that the school becomes more effective.  He takes education seriously! Apart from being serious, Jaco has a loving and adventurous side. He enjoys spending quality time with his wife and engage in 4×4 activities.

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Johanlie Janeke

Free State, and North-Cape Account Manager

Johanlie is always ready for a challenge, she enjoys providing effective solutions to problems. She is adventurous at heart and enjoys fly-fishing and to discover new places.

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Lucy Jansen

Gauteng Account Manager

Lucy resides on a farm in Gauteng with her two children. She is a lover of all animals, but her bunnies are closest to her heart. Since 2012, she always tries to go the extra mile for her valued clients in order to ensure that schools have everything they need to be more effective.

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Marna Viljoen

Western Cape Account Manager

Marna resides in Somerset West with her husband, twin daughters and adored ‘Labradoodle’, Chai. She loves life in the Cape; exploring wine farms, discovering new little towns, attending all the many festivals and living life to the fullest. Marna is a dog lover and a firm supporter of the rescue organisations in her town and surrounding areas.

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Paul Rencken

KwaZulu-Natal Inland Account Manager

Paul is fun-loving, relatively easy going and enjoys new challenges. He has a passion to help schools in developing and becoming the best in the education sector. He believes in utilizing technology to improve, simplify and increase efficiency within any school environment. Paul’s hobbies include cycling and spending quality time with family and friends.

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Vanessa Rudman

Johannesburg Account Manager

Vanessa is an independent and driven woman who aims to excel in every task that she has been assigned to. She truly enjoys every aspect of her career, especially working with her colleagues and now the greater d6 group. She has a passion for helping schools to become more effective and to complete tasks more seamlessly. She loves reading and spending time with her friends during her spare time.

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